Jane offers online and phone consultations to help you simplify your life and Create Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is a state of mind - freedom to be yourself.  In those moments of Sanctuary you accept who you are.  This soulful peace brings you closer to the ultimate Sanctuary - your true nature.     Yes, we are nature - we are not separate from it.  This is why so many people connect with the natural world when seeking comfort.  At a deep level, we trust nature.  The sunset itself is not Sanctuary – but the way you feel when you watch it is.  The waves coming onto the shore are not Sanctuary – but the sound they make can tap into the Sanctuary that is already within you.

Since Sanctuary is a state of mind we can learn how to get there.  It is possible to Create Sanctuary.  I can provide a safe place (internet, telephone, maybe physical) where you can explore possibilities.  Within this environment you can express your sensitivity, thoughts and feelings freely - even if you don't like them.  Cultural guidelines are irrelevant when returning to a natural state of innocence.     To get down to basics we must remove the limits (if only temporarily). 
I suspect,,, that man probably can move mountains, as long as no one tells him he cannot.  

Do not deny what is pure, raw, wild, and free.  It may be the best of you.

The most direct route to Sanctuary is through simplifying.  Imagine your mind as a closet that is filled to the brim.  If you remove one thing from the pile everything would come tumbling down.  That would be your mind before Sanctuary.  Now picture an organized closet with easily accessible stuff that you actually use.  That is what Sanctuary is like.  We may have less, but we can do more with it.  The less preoccupied we are on the outside the greater the freedom on the inside.  Simplifying is removing obstacles and cleansing yourself of anything that obstructs your freedom to be who you want to be.  Enjoy the journey of discovering what really matters to you.  Learn how to recognize Sanctuary.

There are many ways to simplify your life.  I can help you find a method to your madness so that you have more time to do the things you want to do.  Getting your money on track will increase your sense of financial freedom.  As you learn about your environment, nutrition, and wellness you will live a more sensual life – a naturally healthy soulful life.  You can find and create your own power places.  Bring Sanctuary to your business environment.  You may attempt to grow and preserve your own food, and maybe live in the country.  You can spend more time with nature, possibly camping and visiting national parks.  Wild may become a comfort instead of something to fear.  Getting in touch with your instincts and intuition will give you more confidence in yourself.  What is simplifying to one person may be too much for another, so you pick and choose what works for you.  Give it a try and see if you too may enjoy some of the luxuries of living a simpler life?

        Listen to your intuition and follow your instincts ............. Let the wild be free.

I can help you simplify your daily life to be in harmony with your nature.  We can identify the areas in your life that cause you discomfort, increase your understanding, and work toward making the necessary changes that free you of any obstacles that may keep you from Sanctuary.  The relationship we develop is as unique as your personal journey.  What i have to offer will naturally be custom designed to fit only you.  I offer hope and encouragement.  The only thing we know for sure is that things are going to change.

                                    I get by with a little help from my friends


My bio will give you some insight into my experience.  If you are feeling uncomfortable in your life but are unclear as to why, you may want to check out my self-assessment questionnaire.  As you answer the questions it will become clearer to you what you would like to change.  This may help you initiate the process. 

Benefits of online work ... Simplifying your life and Creating Sanctuary can be a therapeutic process that works well with emails.  You can deal with your thoughts, feelings, and concerns as they come up - when they are fresh in your mind.  You can type it and begin processing it while you are feeling it.  You can come from a place in you that is raw - right now - instead of intellectualizing it to death.
The power is in the moment.  Emailing provides flexibility, thoroughness, and possibilities.  The phone time can add some heart and soul - hear the voice - sense the energy a bit easier - feel a smile .... all that good stuff.  There are occasions when physical contact is beneficial, and, if possible, we will make that happen.  I currently reside in Kansas City,and travel regularly to the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas.

I will only work with you if I can help you.  I do not have all the answers, but I have sought to understand the questions.  Through my consultation I will provide you with education and counsel, introduce you to different viewpoints, and encourage you on your journey.  I will provide an environment where Creating Sanctuary is possible with a bit of peace, love, and understanding.

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